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The REAL CLUBE DE CAMPO DOM CARLOS I, is a private non-profit association, headquartered in Areia – Municipality of Cascais, constituted by public deed of February 15, 1962.

With an environment of great natural wealth and strong historical tradition, the club benefits from a privileged location in the Cascais area, allowing you to enjoy a rare scenic beauty.

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Rotunda D. Carlos I, nº 7, Areia - Guincho, 2750 - 057 Cascais

Tel. 218 212 475 - 929 233 375

Vista da Piscina do Real Clube de Campo D Carlos I

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The Real Clube de Campo D. Carlos I, has an Equestrian Center for 70 horses and a Riding School, with various levels of learning and competition.


Discovering your love for tennis and learning the tactics and skill basics is fundamental to engage and enjoy this healthy challenging sport in our outdoor facility.

Campos de Ténis do Real Clube de Campo D Carlos I
Piscina do Real Clube de Campo D Carlos I


With astounding paradisiacal views and all the conditions for your complete wellbeing, the Club swimming pool is for the exclusive use of its members and guests.



Taking up on an old tradition of the Real Clube do Campo D. Carlos I, Bridge became another one of its most important leisure activities.


Tennis Restaurant

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Restaurante sede do Real Clube de Campo D Carlos I

D. Carlos I

Located in the headquarters building, under the Club concession, the D. Carlos I Restaurant, is open from Tuesday to Sunday until 18:00.

Restaurante sede do Real Clube de Campo D Carlos I

Real Clube de Campo Dom Carlos I

It all started in the late fifties, with the decision to transform an old hunting lodge, used by King Carlos I in his hunts at Quinta da Marinha. After remodeling, this space became the Club Headquarters, which, bearing in mind the unique figure of King D. Carlos, adopted its name.

Aspeto do Centro Hípico do RCCDCI
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